Bottling and Storage

No honey house of any volume can be without bottling tanks, We have a string of five in our own honey house. Some tanks keep our own processed honey, and other tanks keep bulk honey purchased from others. Not only do these 18 gauge double wall heated tanks store honey for bottling later, they decrystalize honey that has been dormant. Production of over 200 jars per hour is common,

Our bottling tanks are considered the best in the industry. Our earlier tanks have been in service over 50 years. They are not cheaply manufactured. The best 18 gauge stainless #4 polished steel is selected.

Parts are laser cut, power rolled, and seamed on our robots. The fittings are TIG welded on water cooled machines by skilled craftsmen. Every tank is hot water tested before shipping.

These tanks are shipped complete with immersion heaters, site water gauges, thermometers, brass plugs, and cover. 6 models to choose from. (SS No Drip Valve sold seperately.)

600 Series Bottling Tank Demo Video
600 Series Bottling Tank Assembly Video
600 Series Bottling Tank Instructions (PDF)
Stainless Steel No Drip Valve Demo Video
Stainless Steel No Drip Valve Instructions (PDF)

MODEL 600-2 200# or 16 gallons
17.25" Outer Diameter x 24" Outer Height
15.25" Inner Diameter x 21" Inner Height
MODEL 600-3 300# or 25 gallons
20.25" outer diameter x 27" outer height
18.25" Inner Diameter x 24" Inner Height
MODEL 600-5 500# or 42 gallons
24.25" Outer Diameter x 30" Outer Height
22.25" Inner Diameter x 27" Inner Height
MODEL 600-10 1,000# or 84 gallons
30.25" Outer Diameter x 35" Outer Height
28.25" Inner Diameter x 32" Inner Height
MODEL 600-20 2,000# or 160 gallons
MODEL 600-30 4,000# or 360 gallons
Stainless Steel NDV purchased with Tank

Optional Equipment

Pictured here are Maxant bottling tanks outfitted with mixer blenders; tank top strainers that when placed on top of the bottling tank and lined with cheese cloth will permit dumping directly into the tank; and a Pail Perch for unmonitored transferring. Our internal filter basket is encased in a filter bag to allow warm honey to be pumped directly into the tank (not pictured).

Model 600-2 16 GAL Blender Mixer*
Model 600-3 25 GAL Blender Mixer*
Model 600-5 42 GAL Blender Mixer*
Model 600-10 84 GAL Blender Mixer*
Internal Filter Basket and Cloth
Replacement Cloth
Tank Top Strainer (600-2) for 16 gallon tank
Tank Top Strainer (600-3) for 25 gallon tank
Tank Top Strainer (600-5) for 42 gallon tank
Pail Perch (see Tools)
1" Ball Valve
1" Stainless Steel No Drip Valve
No Drip Valve Heater