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Model 6 GT Wax Melter Demo Video

Stainless Steel No Drip Valve Demo Video

6 Gallon Wax Tank

  • Wax Tank
  • Wax Tank

Our model 6 GT (gallon tank) has under gone some new improvements! This 18 gauge all stainless steel water jacketed tank is perfect for melting down clean wax, or bottling honey. It can be fitted with either our no drip valve for dispensing honey, or a 1" ball valve for wax. Now comes standard with thermometer, and immersion heater. Sold complete, ready to use! Just add your wax, or honey! Please add either a Ball Valve or our Stainless Steel No-Drip Valve to your order.

Model 6 GT Wax Melter Demo Video

Stainless Steel No Drip Valve Demo Video
Stainless Steel No Drip Valve Instructions (PDF)

Model 6GT
Ball Valve
Stainless Steel No-Drip Valve

Wax Melting & Holding Tanks

The workhorse of any operation. These double wall tanks come in six different sizes. The large tanks have two immersion heaters. Equipped with water site glass, temperature gauge, valves, covers, and drains. 100% seam welded with water cooled TIG machines. 18 gauge stainless steel. Ball value sold separately.

MODEL 600-2 200# or 16 gallons
MODEL 600-3 300# or 25 gallons
MODEL 600-5 500# or 42 gallons
MODEL 600-10 1,000# or 84 gallons
MODEL 600-20 2,000# or 160 gallons
MODEL 600-30 4,000# or 360 gallons
Optional Ball Valve
Add $35.00

Seven Tube Dipping Tank

A single wall 20 gauge stainless steel tank with inserts surrounded by hot water. Inserts rest on a shelf. The inserts are 7” in diameter and 17” deep also available are 9 ¾” x 17” deep inserts. Any section can be removed and replaced for different color combinations.

MODEL 3DC (three sections)
$950.00 complete
MODEL 7DC (seven sections)
$1,250.00 complete
$99.00 each
$125.00 each