Hive Tool

Manufactured with American tool steel. Hardened, ground, and plated. Two standard tools, one lifter tool and one bridge comb tool.

HT-2-MS (Maxant)

Sold Out -- Available in September 2016


Immersion Heaters

NEMA4, 9 foot power cord, and pilot light.

110V (1700W)
220V (2000W)

Frame Spacing Tools

These eight and nine frame spacing tools were designed by our founder- William T. Maxant. Punched from 18 guage stainless steel, sanded to remove sharp burrs, formed on a brake and tossed in our big Sweco tumbler for a smooth finish.

8FST (8 spaces)
9FST (9 spaces)
Set of two

Mouse Guard

Another Bill Maxant product effectively used to keep field mice from entering hives during the fall and winter. Punched from 20 guage stainless steel and formed with a 3/8 hole.

Sold individually, or in lots of ten.

$4.75 ea
Lot of Ten

Nylon Honey Gate

Bill Maxant designed, and paid for the molding dies for this low cost honey gate. The molded parts are assembled in our factory with gaskets and stainlesss steel hardware. Cut a round hole in your plastic pail to accomodate this 1 1/4" gate, and PRESTO - you have a bottling tank. The same gate is used on all of our extractors.

Sold individually, or in lots of ten.

NHG 1 ¼

Stainless Steel No Drip Valve

This self closing, 1" diameter, solid T303 stainless steel valve is machined in our own factory. To open, pull down on the lever. To close, release the lever and the spring loaded stainless plunger seats against the O- rings closing the 5/8" exit port. You can bottle hundreds of jars per hour. Our world famous No Drip valve is used on all of our bottling tanks.

Download Stainless Steel No Drip Valve Instructions (PDF)

See the No Drip Valve in action!

NDV-1" Stainless Steel

No Drip Valve Heater

A perfect compliment to our in house-made Stainless Steel No Drip Valve. This heater helps keep the entire valve body warm so your honey doesn't crystallize in the valve causing it to stick. Comes complete, with easy to read illuminated on/off switch. Standard 110 plug and play.

No Drip Value Heater

Pail Perch

If you have one of our bottling tanks, and are transferring honey in pails to our tanks, this allows you to place the pail on the perch and walk away! Manufactured from 5/16 stainless steel rod. Very rugged. Sits on rim of bottling tanks.

Pail Perch

Food Grease

Food grade grease for your Maxant equipment.

Available in 4 oz. tubes.

Food Grease
Maxant Honey House Apron  

Maxant Honey House Apron

This durable apron includes pockets for your tools!

One size fits all.

Maxant Honey House Apron

The New Maxant Digital Camo Hat

Essential for any beekeeper that wants to get in the hive and out without being noticed. Go stealth, go in style!


MAXANT Hat with comfortable adjustable velcro strap



Full Color rugged glossy paper. 22” x 30” wall charts. Sold individually or in lots of three. Shipped in tubes. Great gifts. Perfect for Honey House, showroom or for education. Designed and copywrited by William T. Maxant.


Life Cycle Wall Chart

Depicts a bee’s life from birth to death

Life Cycle Wall Chart

Beekeeper’s World Wall Chart

Depicts all the tools a beekeeper needs

Beekeeper’s World Wall Chart

Beekeeper’s Year Wall Chart

Depicts jobs to do during the year

Beekeeper’s Year Wall Chart