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300 Series Gravity Clarifiers Demo Video
2 Frame Extractor
Our 300-36 Clarifier doing its job. SHOWN WITH ADDITIONAL BAFFLE, can be added for $125.

Mobile Uncapping Tank

The solution for uncapping and frame storage. Uncap directly into the removable cappings basket, remove capping spike when finished, and cover with lid. Let your cappings sit and drip dry in the sloped drain tray. Our tank will hold 22 frames with the basket in place, or 33 frames without the basket. 100% stainless steel.

Uncapping Tank/Tray: 47" L x 33" H x 20" W

Shown with optional uncapping plane.

Lid, honey gate, and removable legs with wheels included!

Mobile Uncapping Tray and Tray (MUTT) Demo Video
MUTT Mobile

Gravity Clarifier

Stainless steel double wall tanks with a baffle. The heat adjustable Chromalux unit warms the water in the outer jacket and the honey flows easily to the pump under the baffle while the impurities rise to the surface. They are then stopped by the baffle and easily skimmed off. Unit includes outlet standpipe and glass water gauges.

300 Series Gravity Clarifiers Demo Video

Model 300-24”
12 gal / 24" L x 10" H x 18" W
Model 300-36”
16 gal / 36" L x 10" H x 18" W
Model 300-60”
28 gal / 60" L x 10" H x 18" W