Junior Cappings Spinner

Great for the serious but smaller operations. Seperate your honey and wax cappings with ease! The results are more honey to sell and dry. Light fluffy wax cappings are ready for melting into bricks. This machine is a must for beekeepers operating 100 hives or less. The 20 gauge stainless steel tank is 20" in diameter, and 32" high. The bottom is die formed, and conical for ease of side draining.

The removable capping basket is constructed from 18 gauge perforated stainless steel, and laser cut to perfection.

Complete with legs, this machine ships in a heavy duty carton.

Model 1200-JR

Senior Cappings Spinner

A perfect machine for the medium beekeeper. Just like the Jr., the beekeeper uncaps directly into the removable stainless steel spin basket. No more waiting days on end for the honey to drip from the wax. After a few hours of spinning, you will have more clean honey to sell-and light fluffy wax cappings to process.

Simple pull out basket for easy cleaning. ½ hp motor. Stainless tank is 30” in diameter and 33” tall. Complete with legs, this machine ships in a wooden crate.

Model 1200-30 (complete with legs)

Continuous Wax Separator

Developed by Bill Mraz and Bill Maxant, this remarkable machine is designed to seperate wax from the honey using centrifugal force. Auger your slurry to the center opening of the drum. (heat not required) The heavy honey is spun to the outer wall of the drum, while the dry wax accumulates around the honey towards the center opening. A reciprocating cutter shaves away the wax while clean honey spins through the ports in the bottom of the drum. This machine is a must for any large scale operation.Expect about three drums per hour. Customers report 10,000 lbs in 8 hours!

See how the Model 7000 works. (PDF)

Watch the Video on Spin Thru Theory

Watch the Video demonstrating the Chain Tensioner

Model 7000 Continuous Spin Thru Demo

MODEL 7000 - Continuous Spin thru