Electric Uncapping Plane

Perfect tool for small or large operations. UCP has an adjustable heated copper cutting blade for depth of cut. The heating element is long lasting and replaceable. Available in 110V or 220V. On/off switch built into cord. The large comfortable rock maple handle is comfortable to use. Just pull the UCP across the combs and feel the difference.

Watch the video and see it in action!

Download Electric Uncapping Plane Instructions (PDF)

UCP 110V Right Hand
UCP 110V Left Hand
UCP 220V Right Hand
UCP 220V Left Hand
Replacement 110V element
Replacement 220V element
Replacement Blade

Motorized Chain Uncapper

No Knives, no steam required. Only 5 second per frame. Operates like a pop-up toaster. Down and up—all done! The machine is fast. The motor automatically starts when the frame is hand lowered. Revolving stainless steel chains strip off the wax cap. The machine automatically stops when the frame is raised. Chain reels are adjustable. Packed complete in one box. Legs assembled by user.

Chain Uncapper Model 1700 mbp
Double Drain Tank Model 1800

Uncapper-Spinner Combo

Model 1700 chain uncapper combined with Model 1200-30 spinner. Mounted on rails, the uncapper can be rolled back to clear the spinner for easy removal of dried cappings. This unit solves the most difficult chore of honey processing. Uncap and spin out good cappings/honey quick and fast.

Watch the video and see it in action!

Combo Unit